Kona Morris

Fast Forward: An Anthology of Flash Fiction

VOLUME ONE (Fast Forward Press, 2008)

Editors Kona Morris, K. Scott Forman, and Nancy Stohlman have featured twenty stories in the premiere edition of the flash fiction anthology, Fast Forward, including work from prize-winning flash fiction writer Linh Dinh, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Barbara Henning, Andrew Wille, Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, Megan Burns, and many up-and-coming writers.  Flash fiction is a new and rapidly growing genre, and each of the twenty stories featured are less than 1,000 words.  Flash fiction adheres to the rules of fiction writing, including plot, characterization, and story arc, but delivers within a condensed length.  

Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction - Volume One was nominated for a 2008 Colorado Book Award.

VOLUME TWO (Fast Forward Press, 2009)

Between the covers of Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction - Volume Two can be found the best writing under 1,000 words published anywhere in 2009. This collection has sixty-two stories, over forty more than the first volume, that vary between light and dark humor to more serious literary fiction, along with selections that do not fit into a single theme, but truly encompass the genre of flash fiction.  Some of the best practitioners of the art, including award winning author Jayne Anne Phillips,Linh Dinh, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Barbara Henning, Félix Calvino , Charles Rutter, Faye Kicknosway, William Haywood Henderson, and Christophe Casamassima, are joined by many other writers, accomplished and emerging, from around the world.

Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction - Volume Two was nominated for a 2009 Colorado Book Award.

THE MIX TAPE (Fast Forward Press, 2010)

The stories in the latest anthology, Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, range from under 100 words to 1,000 words.  In The Mix Tape, masters of the genre such as Linh Dinh and Barbara Henning are mingled with talented newcomers like Bryan Jansing, Teresa Milbrodt, and Australian writer Félix Calvino.

Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction - The Mix Tape was one of three finalists in the Literary Fiction Category for a 2010 Colorado Book Award

Reviews of The Mix Tape:

“If you'd rather be rapt for a moment reading a flash than strung out for pages in a novel, FAST FORWARD is for you. It's the best flash fiction around — a book full of raptures.”
—Robert Shapard, editor of Flash Fiction Forward and Sudden Fiction series.

“The microstories range from high comedy to sensitive melodrama, to bizarre animals, funerals, Holocaust, teen pregnancies, religion — almost every imaginable topic is surveyed with astonishingly fine writing. Some of the stand out works include a brief look at an encounter with possible love angles that ends unexpectedly by Félix Calvino (‘In the Park’), several stories from Nancy Stohlman (‘Clowning for Jesus’ is bound to become a classic), whose flirtations with being naughty (‘Donny and Marie Osmond Barbie’) vie with those of Kona Morris (‘Confession #3,’ ‘Going Back’), or stories by Sophie Rosenblum (‘A Terrier's Limits’ et al). To have the luxury to savor such creativity within the covers of one book is a feast. Let's hope these ‘Fast Forwards’ continue! Editors K. Scott Forman, Kona Morris, and Nancy Stohlman have done a superb job in arresting the talents of many terrific writers.”
—Grady Harp, author of War Songs


Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to read The Incredible Shrinking Story, Fast Forward's fourth anthology of flash fiction.  Enter a world of freaks and fantasies, literary contortionists and acrobats of language.  This book contains 59 stories, ranging from 1,000 to 6 words, sure to tantalize and delight.  More entertaining than a 3-ring circus and sexier than an orge in a funhouse.  Dive in, we dare you.

“Under the Big Top title page, with a lot to say but only a little space, small stories rise up in hot air balloons.  It's the style of the day, squeeze it and marvel at the random shapes, the scent of pine needles, a pot-smoking Santa, and a perfectly spheroid woman.  Clowns, cheeseburgers, and silvery strangers. This is an incredible shrinking collection of everything everywhere.”
—Barbara Henning, author of Cities and Memory and Thirty Miles to Rosebud

The brilliant cover artwork for The Incredible Shrinking Story was done by   Chris Henry (hellochrishenry.com).

The Incredible Shrinking Story is currently available to purchase at Powell's Books and Tattered Cover (303-322-7727), and will be available soon on Amazon.com and through SPD.

ast Forward Press is currently accepting submissions for its fifth volume of flash fiction, which is forthcoming in 2012.  For more information about submitting or ordering copies of the book, please visit the website at: www.fastforwardpress.org.