Kona Morris
"Kona Morris is able to enter the text as both a critical editor and a passionate reader.  This duality allows her to be enthusiastic about the book's (and the author's) vision while at the same time giving specific feedback about areas that need improvement."

-Nancy Stohlman, Live From Palestine (South End Press, 2003), which includes contributions from Noam Chomsky and Starhawk.

Kona offers professional editing services for any kind of writing,
from manuscripts to essays to legal writing to short stories.  She has
had noteworthy experience as the Editor-in-Chief for Fast Forward Press, as well as over a decade of experience editing novels, writing newspaper articles, technical writing, grant writing, and copyediting.

Her services include editing and critiquing, checking for grammar, syntax, cohesion, rhythm, point of view, character and story development, as well as tailoring texts with adherence to the specific style, voice, and syntax desired, be it professional or creative.

Rates vary from $3.00-$5.00 per 250-word page, depending on the length and type of document, and deadline requirements.  At least 50% of payment must be paid in advance, either by PayPal, check, or money order.

Please send all inquiries and proposals to kona.morris@gmail.com.

"Without Kona Morris's editing and energy, I'm not sure if we could have gotten our book published.  Kona worked with all of the writers in our collection as well as with me individually.  
I heard great things about her from everyone, and know how much she helped me shape my own writing.  Kona is a rare editor: she pays attention and is detail oriented, but she always makes highlighting the creative voice of the writer her highest priority."

-Leah Rogin-Roper, CEO of Fast Forward Press, published author, and university professor