Kona Morris


ona is the co-founder and editor of Fast Forward Press, a publishing company focused on prose-based flash texts in all genres.  Fast Forward Press operates as a publishing collective that emphasizes participatory decision-making and collective action, and seeks to involve the global community in its efforts by inviting them to contribute to the project by submitting creative work, and/or contributing operating funds, and/or helping with planning, production, or distribution activities.  For more information on how to submit work for publication, purchase books, or to learn about upcoming events and projects, please visit:


Kona is working with people on the Lakota Indian Reservation of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, to help build a non-profit art school called, Cloud Horse Art Institute, which focuses on the development of artistic talent and personal enrichment through a traditional hands-on approach to teaching and revitalizing Lakota culture and practices (with classes on Lakota language, traditional stories, quilwork, hide painting, tanning, beadwork, horn, bone and stone carving, feather work, food gathering and preparation, and traditional tipi construction), as well as offering courses in Western arts and humanities (theatre arts, painting, sculpting, and creative writing workshops).  The school was founded by Tilda Long Soldier and Mark St. Pierre in 2004, and ever since, they have been hosting seasonal camps out of tipis on their property.  Kona teaches creative writing workshops at the Cloud Horse camps, and has published articles about the project in an effort to help raise awareness and financial support.  For more information on the Cloud Horse Art Institute, please visit:


Kona is the co-founder and editor of The Anthology Of The Awkward, a new anthology series focused on publishing prose pieces that highlight the most humorous, mortifying, surreal, exquisite, awful, mundane, and bold aspects of the human experience.  The Anthology Of The Awkward is currently finishing the production of Volume One: The Virgins, a collection of stories and poems that portray the humiliating, awkward, pathetic, funny, painful, tiresome, stressful, and unremarkable experiences involved with losing one's virginity.  For more information about the anthology series and upcoming events, please contact: